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Valleymede Homes is a high-end luxury home developer that has built at least 13 homes on Toronto’s most prestigious road of multi-million dollar mansions. Since 2000, this developer has become well-known as Canada’s leading builder and designer of mansions and luxury custom homes, an honor that is the result of this developer’s hard-working and charismatic CEO, Paul Miklas.

A tireless self-starter and veteran of the construction industry, Miklas is a knowledgeable expert of luxury homes, especially considering his own Bridle Path home was once listed as Toronto’s most expensive home at $30 million. But, more than that, this self-made millionaire has made his way to the highest echelons of the home development industry from the very bottom.

Valleymede Homes CEO, Paul Miklas as a young student of 12, Miklas began working for his father Dusty during the summer holidays on a land survey crew. Inflamed by a passion to nurture his latent talent, Miklas was inspired to find out all he could about the building industry. From rod man to labourer to framing carpenter, Miklas quickly rose through the ranks by working at a succession of jobs until ultimately becoming Canada’s youngest-ever Assistant Site Supervisor for Green Park Homes at the ripe age of 23.

Recognizing a need in the industry, the perennially-gregarious Miklas seized the opportunity and started Valleymede Homes. At just 26-years-old, Miklas built his first home in 1998: a 2,300-square-foot home that sold for $260,000. At first serving as a production home builder, Miklas transitioned his company to the high-end custom home market in the late 90’s.

With 20 years of experience behind him, Miklas has elevated his company’s brand to such grand heights that it is publicly associated with luxury. As a respected builder of Toronto’s finest and most exclusive custom homes and mansions, Miklas smoothly caters to his discriminating clients by providing exquisitely-built homes that are equipped with the most decadent features and finishes.

Uniquely designed and detailed to suit the lifestyle of each client, homes made by this developer feature such lavish amenities as private movie theatres, wine tasting rooms, indoor pools, masseuse rooms, walnut-panelled studies, domed foyers, solariums, and even a car wash. Meanwhile, complementing mansion exteriors feature wrought-iron entry gates, circular driveways, and water fountains.

As much as they become synonymous with large-scale luxury homes, this developer has also provided Toronto with some of its most expensive condominium suites. This Bridle Path-builder was responsible for the full renovations of a Yorkville penthouse that fetched $12.9 million on the local real estate market, the city’s most expensive at the time.

Dubbed “Skymede” after its builders, this resplendent 5,600-square-foot condo featured such Bridle Path-associated features as tray ceilings and double doors that seal off private quarters from rooms used for entertaining guests.

In addition to condominiums, this developer has also branched into constructing townhomes as seen with the upcoming R&R Townhomes, all the while continuing to provide top customer service that begin during pre-construction and lasts well after their clients move into their new homes.

Miklas’ boundless enthusiasm is on full display on his self-produced HGTV television show Mansions. In this reality TV show about the trials and tribulations of the Canadian home building industry, Miklas gets a chance to share his building expertise with the audience as he navigates through the many demands of his high profile clients. As well, Miklas’ television career has continued as one of the “Four Dragons” judges on the reality TV show Next Gen Den, CBC’s version of Shark Tank for Canadian entrepreneurial hopefuls.

Whether on the screen or in real life, Miklas holds an unbridled, infectious passion for building houses that is not tempered by monetary concerns. Instead, the highest gratification Miklas says he receives is the excited reaction of home buyers as they experience their new dream home for the first time, an indescribable and satisfying feeling that makes him want to do it over and over again. 

Grand and palatial, Bridle Path homes are legendary in their own right. And yet, considering the care and concern displayed by Miklas towards his clients, it’s clear to see that Bridle Path -builder Valleymede Homes is a safe and reliable choice as your next luxury home provider.

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